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Teleplasty is the conscious generation of shadowy forms and projections by means of the block of mentality's powers.

With this, however, if the human Psyche, in cooperation with the entirety of the mental powers, is the actual trigger of the phenomena, then the projections are completely unconsciously evoked. In this case it then deals with an apparition in the form of Psychoteleplasty.

However, this phenomenon has, in no way, anything to do with a "materialisation of ghosts/spirits" as these materialisation phenomena are interpreted and explained by spiritualism.

Actually, with that, it therefore does not deal with so-called Ectoplasm apparitions, respectively, Teleplasma apparitions, from which the term Teleplasty has recently appeared.

If these materialisation phenomena are unconsciously evoked as a result of certain damaged states of the Psyche, then it is Psychoteleplasty.

Therefore to re-iterate, none of that, neither in one form nor the other, has anything to do with the so-called Ectoplasm apparitions of spiritualism.

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