Hill, Betty and Barney

From L'avenir de l'humanité

What has to be said in respect to the married couple Hill, and all other persons who were allegedly abducted or even medically harmed, or who supposedly had implants implanted, and who under hypnosis exposed these occurrences is, that these occurrences have never happened, and are nothing but illusions, imagination, delusions and deliberate lies, as well as also schizophrenic illusionary products and disturbances of consciousness brought forth through the interference of electromagnetic fields of the earth, through which unrealities, unreal happenings as well as unreal memories and unreal experiences are caused, but also unreal pain, fear and unreal perceptions and so forth. The disrupted electromagnetic fields of the earth have been the cause of the untrue memories of the Hills. All these factors will become or could be knowingly or unknowingly manipulated, which means that the hypnotised describe their unreal happenings and unrealities etc. as reality, or that liars and deceivers are able to maintain their deliberate lies and deceit under hypnosis. Hypnosis, namely, is in no means capable of finding out the truth in such or other cases. Altogether, in earlier time, every incident in this respect we accepted as the truth, like contacts between earth's human beings and beings foreign to earth as well as abductions by beings foreign to earth; however, they have been proven wrong through our newest technology according to investigations for such incidents that go back to the early times of the 20th, and the 19th century.