From L'avenir de l'humanité

Describing the afterlife experience

From the FIGU Forum:

Very briefly, could you describe what the average Earth human experiences between lives...Thanks.

ANSWER: That's not possible because we don't remember and we don't have the words to describe it. No personality exists anymore, and therefore no thoughts as we are familiar with in our lifetime.

It's the spirit form and the "comprehensive consciousness block" (Gesamtbewusstseinsblock) that enter the Beyond. The spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block "analyses/reviews" (= aufarbeiten) what has not been digested/assimilated prior to death. Love, wisdom etc. are transformed into a fine-matter form. The former personality is dissolved and transformed into neutral energy. Then a new personality is "worked out"/developed which incarnates - together with the spirit form - into an embryo at the 21st day after conception. The new personality has nothing in common with the former one![1]

The duration spent on the other side

From the FIGU Forum:

Is there a new calculation for reincarnating lives in the present time ? I assume that spirits are coming back into new lives sooner than the standard lifetime plus one half, because of overpopulation.

ANSWER: Yes, they are coming back sooner.[2]